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How To Choose The Best Security Agency For Your Security

Security is a paramount requirement for safeguarding every being on earth. Based on the threat perception due to their net worth, wealthy people require personal security for top-notch protection round the clock.

The government creates dedicated security forces for its people, such as police forces and defense forces. These organizations provide us the security to protect from all kinds of domestic and international threats.

However, the presence of the armed forces is limited to a portion and individual security isn’t provided by the government. People who face any preconceived threats from unrecognizable elements would want private security for themselves. But, that isn’t the only case where it is required. People need security for various reasons too.

Before deciding to hire a private security agency, you must discover the quality of the service delivered by the agency. You should several questions pertaining to your requirements. For example, Is your agency registered with the government’s division of licensing or not? How are they trained to handle unexpected and stressful conditions? Does every security guard have a license? Also, you can ask them for references before deciding further.

Make sure the agency provides you a service-level agreement, which comprises the documentation covering the details. Be it video surveillance or guard control device for their patrolling needs, you will need the detailing of their services for all accounts. Most of all, you need to discuss regarding their duty-hours & charges accordingly. The agency should provide you all the required information in a precisely documented agreement.

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Hiring A Private Security Agency? Check These 5 Tips for Sure.

Security agencies deliver comprehensive protection based on the requirements of an individual, group of people, companies, or organizations.

While looking at the options for security purposes, you may dwell in several intense thoughts and find no way out. We have compiled a list of tips to help you choose a private security agency in the best way possible. Read to know more.

1. Licensed private security agency.

Is the company licensed with the State Department? Does the company have proper insurance coverage (minimum 1 Million Dollars)? Does it have additional insurance covered with workers’ comp, liability coverage, and others? Scrutinize all documents and information before you decide to go further.

2. Locally-owned or Big Security Company?

We would stop short of calling big security companies negligent, especially in terms of providing security to small firms or individuals. You should go for locally-owned security companies that preserve its customers’ importance both before and after ordering services.

3. The main focus of security services

Does the company maintain its core focus on security, or does it provides security as an add-on? You should rely on companies with a main focus on security.

4. Check out the company’s reputation, Google My Business, Facebook, etc. are common platforms to discover the reviews and ratings on companies. You can ascertain the facts about a company’s reputation and handling of customers.

5. Cost consideration

Don’t go for the lowest bids! Yes, it’s one of the worst decisions to consider private security and arrangements. Check critical questions about uniforms, supplies, add-ons, etc. Find out the costs on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

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Private Detective Agency – a worthy companion for numerous works

We are living in a world full of frauds and scams, therefore, it is important to live a life in planned and thoughtful manner. we cannot just trust anyone with our money especially in big and important deals of life. Here, we need to be extra careful in protecting ourselves and our investment.

Whenever, one is buying a new house, land or property. Or looking to make huge investments on companies and projects, partnering with a person for any reason in a big deal. Or to find out some secret in crucial circumstances and for various other secretive and informative purposes one should use the Private Detective Agency services for the best result. These are professional agencies which are simple and transparent to deal with. They have a set of plans and customized options for their clients.


You can hire these Private Detective Agency for any sort of work mentioned above. They have experienced professionals who can solve any mystery for you in time. They have their own customized pricing option according to the level of risk and investment in the project. You can find many companies offering detectives even by the Private Security Agency.

You can just search online for credible companies who are working day and night to solve cases and to provide client security and services. These companies are very friendly and client oriented, all your issues will be sorted out and you don’t have to worry for any reason whatsoever. Make sure to finalize them after complete satisfaction of their previous work records.

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Check Out These Tips Before Hiring Any Private Investigator

When you’re hiring a Private Investigator, you know it’s a serious business.

Whether you are thinking to call them for a background check or an infidelity-related investigation, you can’t just roll the dice and pick someone. You need proper and reliable information prior to hiring.

In New York, you’ll find a plethora of private investigators and detective agencies. However, you need only a professional private investigator for solving a simple or complex case. Check out the following tips to find and hire one of them.

1. State licensed. Find out if their business is licensed by the NYS Division of Licensing Services or not. You can go for a licensee ID search by using the ID number provided by the PI. Visit the online website of the NYS Division of Licensing Services to search by ID number in the updated database. Results will also showcase the license’s date of expiry.

2. Experienced. Inflated experience wouldn’t work well for you, will it? You should find a professional who’s ready to provide a summary of the cases he/she solved in their respective careers. Their specialization in the particular category of cases you want would decide the future course of action.

3. Insurance. Make sure they are insured up to a few million dollars, otherwise, you will be liable for the insurance coverage.

4. Confidentiality. This isn’t something to play with, and you know it well. Some PI people have a notorious record of sharing customer details. Verify it’s not the same as the one you want to hire.

5. Costs. As it averages around $50 per hour in the US, no one can guarantee an amount like that to you. The costs would depend on the complexity of private investigations, location, and expertise of the investigator. So, discuss that way ahead of signing a contract.

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The training and advantages of an armed security guard

Armed security guard is basically a guard who handles weapons and utilizes them to protect a person or property against possible danger. These guards are properly trained for handling weapons before they are employed. To be eligible for the job of an arm guard, these people should pass rigorous tests like authenticity of their mentioned age and detailed background.

How armed security bodyguard vary from unarmed guards

The armed officers always carry a weapon with them. This weapon might be utilized for the security of a property or a person. Unarmed guards then again don’t carry weapons. Their job is to observe and report what they notice to the higher authority. Armed security guard gets higher salary in respect to the regular security guards. Due to the stakes associated with utilizing a gun, armed security guards also have more insurance premiums than the unarmed ones.

Training for the armed officers

The security bodyguard is trained in all aspects of protecting a property or a person. Frequently, the security company that manages and hires these security guards offers the required training. The training comprises of using a surveillance system, doing fleet surveillance and the utilization of firearms.

Before being employed, Texas law needs that armed security guards, who are not presently policeman, should have completed 30 hours of necessary training. Moreover, they would have to undergo an 8-hour refresher course in training every year that they are on the job. The police officers working right now, or even the retired ones, are some who are exempted from taking extensive training. For specific work environments, some extra training may have to be taken. For example, armed security guards who are assigned to prison have to undergo training on dealing with prisoners.

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Safeguard yourself with Protect-All Security and Investigation for a safe and hassle free investigation.

Are you safe ?

While going out with your friends or on a vacation, when your kids go to school or when you are away from your spouse for long time ?

You may not feel secured as there is always a chance of getting cheated in a relationship or your kid might be kidnapped for ransom or an unfortunate accident.

But how do you avoid that ?

For that, a person can seek services from Retired NYPD Detective Joe Mazzilli’s door, who is also the founder and owner of Protect-All Security and Investigations.

With his vast experience gained at NYPD Detective, he has impeccable knowledge of how do the mafias or thieves think after committing a crime. But, that’s not it, he has excellent knowledge of how to provide security to your special guests in a special event in the form of either armed or unarmed bodyguards and also through Surveillance Security Systems with the help of video recorders, cameras, intercoms and many other advanced gadgets.

Protect-All Security and Investigations believes in two things professionalism and Experience. However, it is professionalism that is highly focused by Joe as he believes professional detectives, police officers and security personnel guarantee you with best of the security and investigations. They make sure you get complete peace of mind when availing security services from them.

However, with all happening one thing that was left behind is the accidents that take a lot of lives on the road. Sometimes the victim’s, family or relative want to investigate it further if there was someone behind the unfortunate accident. So they seek service of a Professional Private Detective. These Private Detectives carry out the accident investigations keeping in mind about the client’s safety and carry out the investigations secretly. They also keep an eye on all the opportunities to nab the culprit.

Lastly, It can be said that Protect-All Security and Investigations provide an all round solution to your security and investigation needs by keeping all the client’s details safe and secret by using all their experience with professionalism.

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Brief Guide To Hiring A Private Security Guard for Yourself

Hiring a security guard for home or business?

Well, you can note it down that all private security agencies try their best to provide quality security solutions, but not all of them qualify the highest standards.

We, therefore, have come to your help with some tips, advice, and suggestions regarding the same. Hiring a private security guard could be necessary for you, which is why it’s of utmost importance that you know well about them.

Check your options

You may hire an unarmed or armed security guard, but make sure the agency knows why you’re hiring them. Concealing any information could put both the guard and you at great risk. Therefore, know your options for security.

Verify the credentials

Credibility is not something soon to be adjudged easily. When you’re visiting a private security agency, you should ask for the licensing information. Background checks, insurance coverage, experience, and etc. amount to the pertinent information you require before deciding to hire them.

Discuss it upfront

Sometimes, the actions of a security guard may not go well with you. Hence, you should clearly discuss your expectations upfront with the private security agency. For example, you may not want them to watch TV on duty or want them to keep any in the garage where employees park their cars.

The private security agencies may charge on an hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Discuss it thoroughly and find out more about their services.